Achievements of Patel Group in Research & Academic Field

1.The Patel Group of Institutions provides opportunities faculties to conduct National & International seminars, conferences, workshops etc. to create an environment of Research, higher studies, book writing etc.

2.Group Director, Dr. Gyanendra Singh has been nominated by      confederation of Internal Accreditation Commission for Honorary     D. lit. degree for his outstanding contribution in Science & Technology. He is also consultant to world Bank and agriculture task force of M.P. Govt.

3.Group Director, Dr. L.D. Balani has been selected as Mission Advisor by Harmony & Cultural Coordination forum, Kathmandu, Nepal for Brotherhood & unity of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation) nations.

4.Director PGOI, Dr, P.D. Porey has been appointed as reviewer and expert for Journal of Water & Land development published by Institute of Technology & Life Science, Poland.

5.The Principal, Patel College of Education, Dr. S.P. Pandey has written & published several books. Redemption of both International Journal and book were done in function at PGOI. VIZ childhood & growing up, environmental education etc.

6.In recent past, the Patel Group has published an International Journal in which researchers have submitted their high quality papers of international level in the field of engineering, science and management,

7.The faculty of Patel Group have enhanced their qualifications in the field of Mathematics, Chemistry and Pharmacy while working as faculty. Dr. Devkrishna Magarde awarded Ph.D. in Mathematics, Dr. Gajanand Thakre in Chemistry.

8.The faculty of Patel Group are also involved in Research work along with their Teaching.

9.Mr. K.K. Thakur & Mr. Sanjay Kumbhare of Mechanical Engineering have done good Research work and five of their research papers based on engine performance, bio diesel, Nano fluid, fluid dynamics have been published in International Journals. Dr. Amit Agarwal in Pharmacy and Dr. Syed Uvaid Ullah in Electrical Engineering in the year 2016-17.

10.Mr. Pankaj Kawadkar of Computer Science & Engineering deptt. has got his research paper published in International Journal on Web log mining based on soft clustering and multi objective genetic algorithm subject.

11.Mr. Jitendra Mishra of Electronics & Communication Engineering has also shown keen interest for research work. Seven of his research papers on different topics viz. Microchip antenna design, Gaber Filler algorithm, etc have been published in different International Journals.

12.Ms. Sadbhavna Jain Lecturer in Electronics deptt. has topped in M.Tech digital communication from RGPV with 10 CGPA.

13.Patel Group of Institutions also motivates and promotes the faculty for higher studies Mr. Ritesh Kushwaha of Electronics &Communications has been sponsored for his Ph.D. Programme at MNIT Allahabad. Mr.K.K.Thakur and Mr.Sanjay Kumbhare of Mechanical engineering have been permitted for study leave for their Ph.D. Programme at NIT Shrinagar.